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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-201321st Century HRD Issues - Challenges for the FutureRao, P S; Salunkhe, Uday
9-Apr-2016Ace Analyser-
4-Dec-2006Active Rehabilitation For Young Spinal Cord Injured in Indian CitiesMehta, Ketna
Apr-2011Agri Produce Marketing Scenario in North Thane DistrictMandokhot, Arun; Bhurke, Vineel
7-Dec-2016Agriculture Industry Update-
Jul-2011Are Employee Refrral Programs Reliable?Mohanty, Lipsa
19-Oct-2013Are Print Books Taking Back Seats? Connecting Print Books with Readers in the Digital WorldKunkur, Giridhar
22-Mar-2017Auto-Components Industry Update-
25-May-2017Automobile Industry Update _ May 2017-
18-Jan-2018Automobile Industry in India-
17-Aug-2016Automobile Industry Update-
23-Aug-2017Aviation Industry Update_August 2017-
1-Oct-2013Balance of Payment Crisis in India– What the Figures Say: a research studyMathew, Jain; Vijaykumar, N V; Jacob, Eby
1-Jan-2011Banking and Financial Sector Contagion: learning from the Crisis of 2007-2008Bhattacharyya, Bijoy B
10-Aug-2016Banking Industry Update-
14-Feb-2018Banking Industry Update _ February 2018-
3-May-2017Banking Industry Update_May 2017-
3-Aug-2013Best Practices in LIS: learning points during the deliberations at WeSchoolSavanur, S K; Kunkur, Giridhar; Karnik, Sushma; Venkadesan, S
Dec-2013Big Data: evaluating the nature of data in Indian corporateAgrawal, Minakshi; Pendse, Pradeep; Dhameja, Ritesh
15-Mar-2017Biotechnology Industry Update-